Q&A with Mary Zimmerman on ‘Treasure Island’

Make It Better magazine, October 2014 — “Treasure Island” is one of those stories that has seeped into our culture. The way we picture pirates — those eye patches, peg legs, parrots and treasure maps — can be traced back to Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1888 novel. The book has been turned into dozens of plays, movies and… Continue reading Q&A with Mary Zimmerman on ‘Treasure Island’

Play review: ‘The White Snake’

Make It Better magazine, May 1,  2014 — From the very first moment of “The White Snake,” it’s clear that we’re in Mary Zimmerman Land—a magical and beguiling world that’s familiar from previous plays by this renowned Evanston director. “The White Snake” at Goodman Theatre is classic Zimmerman… Read my review at Make It Better.… Continue reading Play review: ‘The White Snake’

Behind the scenes of Mary Zimmerman’s ‘Silk’

This article by Robert Loerzel originally appeared in Pioneer Press on April 28, 2005. It’s late March, and Mary Zimmerman has one month to go before her newest play, “Silk,” opens at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre. The Goodman’s publicists are busy putting out press releases about the Tony Award-winning Evanston resident’s latest effort. Full-page advertisements for “Silk” are… Continue reading Behind the scenes of Mary Zimmerman’s ‘Silk’