Play review: ‘Two Trains Running’

rom left: Anthony Irons, Terry Bellamy and Nambi E. Kelley perform in “Two Trains Running” at Goodman Theatre. Photo by Liz Lauren.

Make It Better magazine, March 16, 2015 — Like any play that seriously deals with the history of race relations in America, “Two Trains Running” has dark moments. Many of the African-American characters in the late August Wilson’s play, who are gathered in a Pittsburgh diner in 1969, feel a sense of grievance over the… Continue reading Play review: ‘Two Trains Running’

Play review: ‘Brigadoon’

Make It Better magazine, July 1, 2014 — The mythical village Brigadoon appears in Scotland’s Highlands once every hundred years. After a day, it vanishes back into the mists, its people frozen in time for another century. “Brigadoon,” the 1947 Broadway musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, isn’t quite as difficult to see… Continue reading Play review: ‘Brigadoon’

Play review: ‘The White Snake’

Make It Better magazine, May 1,  2014 — From the very first moment of “The White Snake,” it’s clear that we’re in Mary Zimmerman Land—a magical and beguiling world that’s familiar from previous plays by this renowned Evanston director. “The White Snake” at Goodman Theatre is classic Zimmerman… Read my review at Make It Better.… Continue reading Play review: ‘The White Snake’

Play review: ‘Venus in Fur’

Make It Better magazine, March 1, 2014 — If “Venus in Fur” sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of “Venus in Furs,” the song that plays as the lights come up at Goodman Theatre… Read my review in Make It Better. Photo by Liz Lauren

Play review: ‘Buzzer’

Make It Better magazine, February 1, 2014 — A predominantly black neighborhood is gentrifying. Once known as a place to score drugs, it’s now welcoming more and more middle-class residents. However, young African-American men are still loitering on the streets, harassing the newcomers as they walk past. That’s the potentially fraught setting… Read my review… Continue reading Play review: ‘Buzzer’

Play review: ‘Luna Gale’

Make It Better magazine, January 1, 2014 — The title character of “Luna Gale” is never visible. In the few moments when she is onstage during thisGoodman Theatre production, Luna is quietly hidden away inside a baby carriage. And yet, as invisible as she may seem… Read my review in Make It Better.