Articles on History


Chicago magazine
50 Moments that Shaped Chicago, 1970–2020
Chicago’s Strange History With Pneumatic Tubes

Joseph Dunlop, a newspaper publisher imprisoned for obscenity
Was Jane Addams a lesbian?
The smoking gun: Anti-smoking crusader Lucy Page Gaston

Chicago Tribune
Before the car was king
In 1890s Chicago, bicycles were all the rage 

WBEZ Chicago Public Radio’s Curious City (with audio)
Why aren’t there any federal Indian reservations in Illinois?
From Cemetery Saloons To Movie Palaces: How Uptown Became An Entertainment Hub
What if the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 never happened?
After Haymarket: Anarchism on trial and a city in search of its soul
The story of Dunning, a “tomb for the living”

WBEZ Chicago Public Radio’s 848 (with audio)
The evolution of Chicago’s handgun ban
Tommy guns
 At last, a major museum expansion will give Pullman’s Black porters their due

Chicago Reader
Privatize Public Transit? Chicago’s tried it before. Here’s how that went.
A Conservatory, a Zoo, and 12,000 Corpses

Time Out Chicago
We solve the mystery of the Cubs’ early name: The Microbes
… and an expanded article on the same topic at Medium: When the Cubs Were the Microbes

North Shore magazine

Steamer Trunk Diaries

On my blog

Another Deadly Chicago Heat Wave: 1916

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