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Displaced: When the Eisenhower Expressway Moved in, Who Was Forced Out?

buy provigil online pharmacy WBEZ’s Curious City, August 26, 2016 — My story answers the question: “What happened to the people displaced by the Eisenhower Expressway?” Read and explore the interactive story (with web design by Logan Jaffe) and listen to the podcast and radio version.

What if the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 never happened?

http://nonprofitchurchconsulting.com/2015/02/ WBEZ’s Curious City, October 2014 — A thought experiment conducted by WBEZ’s Curious City, inspired by a question posed by Chicagoan Kevin Borgia. What if one of the most famous events in Chicago history — the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 — never happened? What would the city look like today? Read — and hear — my story for WBEZ’s Curious City.