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Q&A with Mary Zimmerman on ‘Treasure Island’

Make It Better magazine, October 2014 — “Treasure Island” is one of those stories that has seeped into our culture. The way we picture pirates — those eye patches, peg legs, parrots and treasure maps — can be traced back to Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1888 novel. The book has been turned into dozens of plays, movies and cartoons, and now it’s getting the Mary Zimmerman treatment at Lookingglass Theatre. Read the interview.

Photo by Liz Lauren

‘Grand Concourse’ play review

Make It Better, July 24, 2015 — Young people can be so puzzling to older generations. Countless articles have asked, “What’s up with millennials, anyway?” And several recent plays at Steppenwolf Theatre, including “The Night Alive” and “Airline Highway,” zeroed in on this struggle for comprehension across the generational divide. In each of these plays, the story is propelled by the arrival of a young woman among a group of older adults… Read the review of Grand Concourse at Steppenwolf Theatre.