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Burn or fizzle? Public art, economic renewal, and the curious case of the Great Chicago Fire Festival

Belt magazine, November 2014 — The critics were brutal. Headlines called it a “fizzle,” a “fiasco,” and “a total bust.” Some 30,000 people had gathered on the banks of the Chicago River in the city’s downtown on the night of October 4, waiting to see three floating houses set ablaze… Read my story in Belt magazine.

Photo by Robert Loerzel

Chicago to ‘Burn’ Again

Chicago Tribune, May 5, 2013 — In a city where the history books are filled with calamities, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is the most legendary catastrophe of all. City officials recently announced plans to commemorate the disaster — and the remarkable urban rebirth that followed — with an October 2014 event called the Great Chicago Fire Festival… Read more of my Chicago Tribune story.