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Crain’s Chicago Business, January 11, 2018 — Working in the early 2000s for Click Commerce, Adam Robinson noticed something about the franchise businesses and dealerships using Click’s software. “Turnover rates were so high,” he recalls. “Turnover was really crippling our effort to train our users on how to use the software.” A decade later, he co-founded Hireology, selling software to solve that problem. …

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Photo: Kendall Karmanian

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Crain’s Chicago Business, October 12, 2017 — Experimenting in her University of Chicago laboratory, Cathryn Nagler says she’s on to a way to prevent allergic reactions to foods like peanuts by mimicking the behavior of certain bacteria that live inside us. But how does a professor of food allergies and pathology transform lab results into an actual drug that people can buy at pharmacies?

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Photo: Kendall Karmanian

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Crain’s Chicago Business, October 5, 2017 — As Dan Michelson sees it, few hospital executives know how much medical procedures actually cost. “The dirty little secret in health care is that everybody’s flying blind,” says Michelson, CEO of Strata Decision Technology. ​He has a tool that is giving more and more of them clearer vision—a cloud-based software platform called StrataJazz, which helps hospitals and health care systems keep track of how much everything costs—and which treatments are effective. …

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Photo: Kendall Karmanian

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Crain’s Chicago Business, April 4, 2017 — Can a flag improve your life? If your city just happens to have a municipal flag with a cool, eye-catching design that everyone seems to like, will that somehow make your city a better place to live? … Buy Clomid Online South Africa