How a documentary captured Roger Ebert’s last months

Roger Ebert in his home office, 2005. Photo by Anna Knott.

Chicago magazine, July 2014 — The movie critic became the star in Steve James’s adaptation of Ebert’s Life Itself memoir—a film that celebrated Ebert’s life, and unexpectedly showed its end. Read my story in Chicago magazine. Photo by Anna Knott

11 Questions for Harold Ramis

Chicago magazine, February 24, 2014 — In 2008, before the release of Year One, Ramis talked about working with Bill Murray, filming in Chicago, and how religion shaped his “Buddish” philosophy. Read my interview in Chicago magazine. Photo: Second City

How the World Media Covers Chicago

Chicago magazine, September 24, 2013 — The international press definitely knows Chicago is a violent American city (where you can also shop and eat). Of course, some details get lost in translation… Read my story for Chicago magazine.

Joseph Dunlop, a newspaper publisher imprisoned for obscenity

Chicago magazine, March 2010 — By the summer of 1895, anyone who glanc­ed through the classified ad section of a feisty young newspaper called the Chicago Dispatch would have noticed a curious phenomenon: Dozens of women used the forum to announce their desire to meet gentlemen. Many ladies specified the sort of men they wanted to see:… Continue reading Joseph Dunlop, a newspaper publisher imprisoned for obscenity

Was Jane Addams a lesbian?

Chicago magazine, July 2008 — A new documentary establishes Jane Addams and her close friend, Mary Rozet Smith, as gay icons. Does it go too far? Read my story for Chicago magazine. Chicago History Museum photo